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Thomas Yeung Ltd

Who we are

After nine years in the UK electricity industry (CEGB, National Grid, and Eastern), and a further seven years in international management consultancy (Logica, PwC, AT Kearney), our founder finally saw the light and set up Thomas Yeung Ltd in April 2002 as a vehicle for his Consultancy and Interim Management activities.

Since then, Thomas has worked for DFID in the Caribbean as the interim MD of a state-owned utility, purchased electricity for Virgin Media, managed the roll-out of smart meters and energy efficiency projects for Vodafone, and worked for the power and water regulator in Saudi as Aramco’s representative on the Long Term Planning team.

Currently, he is a pro bono adviser to Water Aid, helping them assess access to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Pakistan against the UN sustainable development goals.

TY photo July 2014

Industry Focus

We have worked in the Power and Water sector for over twenty years, before, during, and after industry restructuring and regulatory reform, in the UK, Europe, and further afield. Our clients have included government agencies, utilities, regulators and large energy users.

Strategic Change

Change is unavoidable - whether in response to industry or technology changes, in preparation for mergers/acquisition/disposal, or simply to improve performance and/or profitability. We can help, and the scale of our advice has ranged from assisting individual teams, through small and large companies, to consortia, associations, and entire industries (but generally only in centrally controlled economies).

Interim Management

Some of our clients want more than advice and they ask for someone to deliver the project. Other times, they need someone to hit the ground running, make the necessary changes, and then leave once a sustainable alternative is available. And sometimes clients may just require someone with a safe pair of hands to keep the ship on course to cover a key absence or while senior management attention is diverted elsewhere. In all these cases, Interim Management can be the solution.

If you think the answer is easy, then maybe you don't understand the question


Thomas Yeung Ltd

What we do

For over twenty years, we have worked in the Energy & Utility sector, and our clients have operated in all parts of the value chain, from fuel supply, through generation, transmission, distribution and supply, to end use.  At different times and in different markets, depending upon the situation and the client’s needs, we have advised on market entry and exit, consolidation and diversification, privatisation and nationalisation, even privatisation and nationalisation.

Our key skills fall into four main areas:

  • Strategic Change (including M&A, divestment, and restructuring)
  • Pricing (for goods and services we sell) and Procurement (for those we buy)
  • Project and Programme Management (particularly power/water plant and network infrastructure)
  • Contract Development and Management (incl PPAs, EPC contracts, Fuel Supply Contracts, connection agreements, etc.)

Strategic Change (incl M&A)

Pricing and Procurement

Project Management

Contract Management

Thomas Yeung Ltd

Recent clients

Our clients have included Power and Gas companies, Water and Wastewater utilities, Telecoms and Media groups, and Government and Regulatory agencies.  A few are listed below.

Thomas Yeung Ltd

Selected recent projects

Island of Montserrat, Eastern Caribbean

Montserrat is a small Caribbean island and British Overseas Territory.  It was devastated by volcanic activity between 1995 and 1997, and all the inhabitants (10,000 at that stage) were forced to evacuate their homes and move to other parts of the island or overseas.  The island has never really recovered fully, the population is currently about 5000 people, there is no major economic activity, and although there are schools and a hospital, the island relies upon imported diesel to fuel its (elderly) diesel generation.

Thomas was appointed by DFID to do three things:  to rebuild the infrastructure (commission a new electricity generator, replace much of the water distribution and storage network, build the wastewater network and treatment facilities); to restructure the existing electricity company and water authority into a single integrated and commercially sustainable utility (re-writing legislation, setting tariffs, organisational redesign); and to find and train a local successor to take the new utility forward.

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Masdar City is a zero-carbon city being built in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It was conceived upon ‘one planet’ principles and was intended to be a mixed-use city of 40,000 people self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and waste within its own footprint. Though still incomplete, current occupants include the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), SIEMENS, and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a graduate level, research-oriented university which is focused on alternative energy, sustainability, and the environment.

As Head of Utilities, Thomas was responsible for the development of electricity, water, and waste services in the new city.  Mubadala (Masdar’s parent company)  built 10MW of roof-mounted PV in the city as a demonstration, but then decided to invest outside the city in multi-MW projects such as the 800MW project for DEWA in UAE.  Following Thomas’s recommendations, Masdar developed an integrated waste management programme and Material Recycling Centre within the city, and also invested in much larger waste to energy projects outside the city such as the 30MW, 300,000 tonne per year facility in Sharjah, UAE

Virgin Media, UK and Vodafone, UK

As the Energy Buyer for Virgin Media, Thomas negotiated a multi-year delivery-only contract and actively managed short-term purchases from the market within Virgin’s 500 GWh pa envelope.  He also worked closely with all the distribution companies to clarify and define the company’s unmetered consumption for roadside cabinets.

As UK Energy Manager for Vodafone, Thomas developed and managed a portfolio of energy-saving projects, ranging from Building Energy Management systems, through re-lamping and increasing insulation, to installing PV and energy storage for the company’s large office buildings. He also negotiated a new multi-year supply floating price contract for supply that included incentives for temporary load reductions at triad periods.

Long Term Planning (LTP) team, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is the monopoly public electricity company in Saudi Arabia, and has a total installed capacity of around 60 GW.  The National Water Company (NWC) supplies water to the major cities while the local authorities (‘governorates’) supply water to small towns and communities. Most water supplied to the cities is produced by the Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC) supplemented by treated water from wells.

The LTP team included Government ministries (MIEM, MEWA), regulators (ECRA), utility companies (SEC, NWC, SWCC), plus Aramco as the monopoly fuel supplier.  The objective was to develop an integrated 25-year plan for municipal electricity, water and wastewater in the kingdom.

Over the period July 2014 to June 2017, Thomas  was Saudi Aramco’s representative on the LTP and worked on the following System Planning activities:

  • Demand forecasting (initially econometric, later supplemented by data from End Use studies)
  • System modelling (including economic dispatch of generation and transmission network modelling) using PROMOD and other advanced system modelling software
  • Assessment of the impact of renewables and distributed generation upon system stability, and the (network) costs of dealing with intermittency
  • Development of location-specific charges for connecting to the transmission grid and for adjusting the value of electricity supplied to the grid depending upon where it is connected
  • Market reform, including introducing competition in generation and regulation for monopoly activities such as transmission and distribution.


Thomas also led the following Special Projects:

  • Analyses of early technology refresh – e.g. when is it worth replacing existing GTs with several years operational life left with a more efficient CCGT? Or MSF plant with RO?
  • Trade-offs between transporting fuel and transmitting electricity – e.g. if a new city requires electricity, is it better to build generation plant close to the city or close to the fuel supply?
  • Technical/economic analyses of power/water balance – e.g. if a city requires both power and water, is it best to build a combined power and water plant (close to the sea) or separate power and water facilities that can be located wherever is best?
  • Local electricity generation and biogas production at wastewater treatment sites – examples include Anglian Water projects in UK
  • Recycled wastewater for Power Plant cooling – for example, Palo Verde in US is a 3300 MW nuclear power plant that takes 26 billion US gallons of TSE from local cities to provide all its cooling water
  • Energy subsidy and tariffs restructuring (working closely with MIEM and ECRA)
  • Water tariffs reform to reduce agricultural consumption (working closely with MEWA) and reduce network losses (working with NWC and the municipalities and governorates).
Thomas Yeung Ltd

Contact us

We hope that you found this information useful and easy to navigate.  If you have any questions or comments, or just want to talk about Power or Water issues, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

mobile:  +44 7500 531 058

or you can use the form below.

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